Payment Options

We’re pleased to offer three payment options to our residents. 

Pay online:

Pay your rent electronically through our Resident Web Access portal using a checking or savings account, or with a credit card. One-time and recurring monthly payments are available. 

Pay online now.

Direct withdrawal from checking or savings account:

Highland Management Group, Inc. will make rent withdrawals from your checking or savings account on the third day of each month. 

Fill it out and return it to the rental office at your property. Forms are also available at the community office.

NOTE: If this form is received by the rental office after the 22nd of the month, your rental payment for the following month will not go into effect until the next month. Example: rental office receives your form on May 23, your automatic rental payment will not begin until July 3. 

You will receive a letter confirming the start date.

Pay with Cash at a CashPay location:


Residents who wish to pay their rent with certified funds now have a more convenient optionZEGO/PayLease Community Payments is a service offered at thousands of retail locations across the country including Walmart, Kmart, and Ace Cash Express.  CashPay locations can be found by going to the following web site and entering your zip code.  



Using cash to make a rent payment is simple. Simply go to any CashPay location, go to the bill pay center, and tell the clerk you’d like to make a bill payment to “ZEGO/PayLease Community Payments.” Give the store clerk your ZEGO/PayLease account number (ask your Property Manager for this if you don’t have a ZEGO/Paylease Account Number), pay the correct amount of cash to the clerk, and your payment will be instantly credited to your rent balance. Only one payment increment is required rather than multiple money order purchases. Payments through ZEGO/PayLease Community Payments are subject to a $4 fee. The fee is charged by ZEGO/PayLease service and does not get paid to your property. 


Contact us at any time with questions.